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We are a bunch of “festers” who decided to create a Facebook page on the 2nd of March, 2014 in order to analyze, enhance and share the task of the “cabo”, the squadron and the music band in the “arrancà”, the exact moment when the parade starts. We believe this moment is very special and not many people are lucky enough to see it.


Our organisation is formed by 40 associates as well as 10 partners who are the ones that, with the help of sponsors, cover the costs of the organization.


In 2017 we became a charity, which means that our sponsors are able to deduct their contributions.


Our main aim is to look after the audience, the music bands and the figure of the “cabo” as well as to enhance the “arrancà”, as we consider it is a memorable and unique act that not many people can admire. Thanks to our videos everybody is now able to see it.


We have created this website with the purpose of sharing all the videos and photographs we have been recording since 2015 as we consider they are valuable memories.